Babi freedrawn 1(headshot)

Character Information

Known As

Babi Birdie






Red and White


Wildlife expert at The Outback

Starting ''Location

The Birdnest

First Appearance

Night 1

Babi Birdie is one of the four main antagonists in the game Death by Darcy.


Babi is a red-colored animatronic modeled after a bird. She has white details around her stomach and arms/wrists. Along with this, she has a small yellow beak, accompanied with light blue eyes. To make up for the lack of ears, a white half-swirl is ontop of her head. Babi has no clothing accessory to see, but is occasionally seen holding a bird book in her hand. This is mostly on-stage.




  • Babi was originally to be named Gaby Galah. After a long time from thought, they had renamed her, because few children would know the actual Galah species.
    • Because of this, her suit does in fact model the Galah itself instead of randomly selected colors.
  • Babi has the smallest frame out of the animatronics, due to a natural bird's size.
  • Babi's bird book is also a prize for kids to use during later shows.

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